Solidarity Youth in Albania

Over the past several months, approximately 120 children of the Marash Gjoni Rrilë School, in Lezhë (Albania), have been actively engaged in the “Be a good digital citizen” project, a service-learning initiative focused on internet safety.

The students acknowledge the need to inform and educate themselves to be aware of the potential dangers of the online world. This led to the creation of this project, with active participation from teachers and parents from the very beginning.

The children attended several trainings on internet safety, internet and child trafficking, leadership, etc. They have also engaged in an awareness campaign by creating posters, videos and role-playing, which enabled them to internalize and make part of their daily life these lessons learned during this journey of several months.

The experience was shared by the NGO Mary Ward Loreto (, whose mission is to eradicate human trafficking through rescue, reintegration, rehabilitation and prevention. Read the original publication here: