Just Around the Corner! 21st International Service-Learning Week in Buenos Aires

Once more, CLAYSS has worked to prepare the International Service-Learning Week, which will be in late August 2024 in Buenos Aires. The activities planned include visits to the service-learning projects, the 7th Service-Learning in the Arts meeting and the meeting of the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network among others. The 27th International Service-Learning Conference is on 29th and 30th August. It is a classic open and free meeting that brings together local and international specialists, colleagues, civil servants, students and educators with a shared passion for service-learning.

Our renowned conference is a free and open event, supported by those who are part of CLAYSS and those who trust in us and in service-learning as a way to transform the world. Anyone, from all around the world, can contribute here: https://donaronline.org/clayss/contribute-with-us.

More information, coming soon on our social media (@clayssdigital) and our web clayss.org (https://www.clayss.org/).