Uniservitate Award 2024: A Great Opportunity for Catholic Higher Education Institutions

We encourage all Catholic Higher Education Institutions (CHEIs), whether university or non-university, to join with their initiatives, projects, practices, courses or institutional programmes of solidarity service, which include the community —with the students as active leaders— and deliberately integrated with the curriculum contents and research programmes.
The Uniservitate Award is organized every two years and endowed with a share of 84,000 euros, distributed in prizes and special mentions in each of the seven regions comprising the programme.
In its first edition, the winners received the award during the III Global Symposium in October 2022 in Rome, travelling as part of the Uniservitate Award. In the second edition in 2024, they will also travel to Rome and participate in the V Global Symposium held in November.
For more information, visit: https://www.uniservitate.org/es/2024-premio/
Contact: award@uniservitate.org