Since its creation, CLAYSS has provided training and technical assistance to hundreds of educational institutions, national and international organizations and public bodies in Latin America and the United States, recently expanding to several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. 

CLAYSS offers onsite and online training programmes, in addition to comprehensive technical assistance programmes, to officials and institutions, school authorities and educators of all level, as well as youth and community-based organization interested in the design, implementation and institutionalization of service-learning projects.

  • International Service-Learning Conference, an event that we have organized annually for more than 20 years, to share the latest news, experiences, research, etc. More information
  • Advice/technical assistance to educational institutions and government agencies for the implementation of SL educational policies. 
  • Comprehensive training programmes for schools, higher education institutions and social organizations including onsite and online training initiatives and technical assistance. 
  • Production of materials to disseminate and provide training in the service-learning pedagogy for educational institutions and civil society organizations —click here to download the available material.
  • Online training courses are divided as follows: initial training, deepening courses, research and academic training.

Online training services are the following:

General training:
Education for transformation: the service-learning approach

Introductory training:
Development of service-learning projects
Service-learning in Higher Education


Training for service-learning promoters and leaders

Academic training and research:
Service-Learning Diploma

Online training courses