Training: Be Part of Our Courses in 2024!

For those interested in training in the service-learning approach, CLAYSS offers a wide range of training courses to implement in educational institutions and organizations.
On our online campus, we offer a wide variety of virtual training proposals geared to the needs of educators of all levels and members of CSOs interested in implementing service-learning projects. The courses for the first semester of 2024 are as follows:

  • Education for transformation: The Service-Learning Approach
    Duration: Four weeks (25 hours)
    A training proposal to introduce the service-learning pedagogy focused on educators interested in expanding their educational projects and connecting them with the community.
  • Transformation Plan. Keys to Design Service-Learning Projects.
    Duration: Five weeks (25 hours)
    This new course addresses the keys to the formative pathway of a service-learning project. It also challenges educators to design, together with students and the community, transformative experiences that offer new opportunities for community participation and engagement.
  • Service-Learning in Higher Education
    Modality: Online with fortnightly synchronous meetings
    Duration: Twelve weeks (48 hours)
    The course offers theoretical and practical insights to design and develop service-learning (SL) projects in universities, teacher training or technical-vocational institutes.
  • Leaders for Service-Learning Institutionalization
    Duration: Ten weeks (48 horas)
    The course is meant for educators and management teams from all levels of education who are familiar with the service-learning approach and are looking to acquire tools and strategies to advance in its institutionalization.

In addition, CLAYSS offers talks, conferences and webinars, onsite and online training for educators, communities, students, specialists, civil servants and researchers who want to learn about or deepen their knowledge of service-learning pedagogy.

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