CLAYSS Uruguay

CLAYSS Uruguay Present at the Meeting “HUB.UY Education and Innovation”

CLAYSS, honoured to be invited to the third edition of “HUB.UY Education and Innovation”, participated in the event on Saturday, 8th June, at North Schools in Canelones, Uruguay ( On this opportunity, HUB.UY presented a session focused on designing innovative and participatory learning environments. The programme included activities led by national and regional lecturers, conferences, workshops, talks, fairs and networking.

CLAYSS Uruguay was present at the Pedagogical Fair, showcasing the various resources available to develop the solidarity service learning approach in educational centres at different levels and contexts.
More information about the event [in Spanish]:

Training Day with Authorities from Obra de San Juan Bosco

On Saturday 1st June, the CLAYSS Uruguay team held a training session in solidarity service-learning (SSL) as part of the National Conference of the Management Teams from the Obra de San Juan Bosco – FMA “Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice” ( Montserrat Santana, Omar Sellanes and Marianela Fernández Villa (CLAYSS) led this meeting focusing on building knowledge of SSL pedagogy among the institution’s management teams and exploring its potential implementation in concrete projects and initiatives.
The training started with the fundamentals of solidarity service learning and covered the initial steps to develop projects. In addition, the CLAYSS team shared experiences developed in other educational institutions, highlighting successful SSL practices.
The discussion also addressed reflecting on their institutional solidarity practices and strategies to enhance their impact.

The Salesian Sisters, which has been in Uruguay since 1877 and their first Teacher-Training Centre is more than 120 years old, work in several departments across the county. In the end, the participants concluded the meeting was very positive feedback, expressing interest in future opportunities to deepen their knowledge of SSL.