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“El impacto social del aprendizaje-servicio detectado por la comunidad” [The social outcome of service-learning identified by the community]. This publication compiles the work done during the seminar organized by REDAPS on the social outcome of service-learning held in May and June 2023. “This publication confirms the positive response of children and young adults when they are allowed to participate as active and responsible citizens, triggering visible improvements in their environment,” the REDAPS website reports. It was prepared and published by REDAPS (the Spanish Service-Learning Network), the association Centre Promotor d’Aprenentatge Servei and Edebé publishing house, with the support of DKV Seguros, a health insurance company. For free access and download, please visit [in Spanish]:

“Democratic Competences and Service-Learning. A Comparative Analysis for Austria, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Romania”, published by Service-Learning for Democracy in Europe.

This document, proprietary to the SLEAD project, is available for free access and download here:

IV Uniservitate Global Symposium

Access videos and material of the Global Symposium celebrated in Manila, Philippines, in November 2023:

26th International Service-Learning Conference

Now you can access or download all speakers’ presentations of the latest edition held at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires (UCA, in its acronym in Spanish) on 24th and 25th August 2023:

The videos of the lectures and panels are also available on our YouTube channels to remember and get inspired, watch for the first time or share; you are welcome to subscribe and click on the little bell to keep updated on our releases and news:

CLAYSS Publications and Resources:


  • Uniservitate Repository
    Theoretical and practical resources on service-learning and its spiritual dimension in higher education from a multicultural perspective. You have free access to download different resources such as texts, images and videos here: