Regional Award for Successful Service-Learning Practices in Central and Eastern Europe!

The winners of this important award for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) were announced on 15th December. The organizers and the jury, educators and officials from countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia, participated in the event. It was broadcast on Zoom and open to the entire community on Facebook. CLAYSS actively participated in establishing this regional SL Network and continues to be an important ally in carrying out actions like this award. Gabriela Hillar (CLAYSS) and Luz Avruj (Institutional Relations and Networks Coordinator of CLAYSS) represented Argentina. Several finalists, later chosen as winners, were also present and expressed their gratitude for the received award.
You can watch the full video of the event, including the announcements, here:

Joint Work: Marist Inter-American Solidarity Heart Network and the Service-Learning Network in Mexico

The Regional Thematic Group “Service-Learning” of the Marist Inter-American Solidarity Heart Network is a learning community that aims to share good practices and joint efforts of the different countries for the development and implementation of service-learning in Marist educational works of the Americas. This is seen as a means to promote transformative solidarity practices from the academic curriculum.
Within this context, in 2023, they held bimonthly meetings with working groups focusing on three topics:

  • Training.
  • Systematization of service-learning experiences in the Americas.
  • The organization of a Marist service-learning webinar.

Regarding the first topic, it was not only agreed to disseminate the different training courses on service-learning already existing globally, but they also decided to produce some short “informative or motivational audiovisual clips.” These clips aim to raise awareness about the need to educate for peace, participation and solidarity, encourage people to explore and understand service-learning while highlighting its advantages and share the basics of this approach. You can watch some of the videos here [in Spanish]: