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CLAYSS – Latin American Center for Service-Learning

A non-profit civil organization (Res. IGJ 001270/03)

Under the motto: “Learning to serve, serving to learn”, CLAYSS was created to accompany and serve students, educators and community organizations that develop or wish to implement service-learning (SL) projects.


Contribute to foster a fraternal and participatory culture around the world through the pedagogical proposal of service-learning from a Latin American view.


social organizations contribute to a well-rounded education of an active, solidarity and engaged citizenship regarding the care of others.


Promote the development of the pedagogical proposal of service-learning in Latin America.

Provide training to school authorities, teachers and students at all levels of education and modalities, as well as to community and civil society organizations and companies, to develop solidarity educational projects.

Contribute to the development of service-learning projects in schools, higher education institutions and youth and social organizations.

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Among its main work lines CLAYSS:

Develops financial and technical support

Develops financial and technical support programmes for the development of service-learning programmes in educational institutions and social organizations.

Offers onsite and online training programmes

in addition to comprehensive technical assistance programmes, for school authorities and educators of all level, as well as youth and community-based organization.

Develops quantitative and qualitative research programmes

on service-learning in Argentina and Latin America, in partnership with universities and national as well as international organizations.

Publishes bibliography and audio-visual materials

for academic and teacher training, most of them downloadable for free on the website.

Advises organizations, companies and governments to implement programmes and policies to promote service-learning

 It has provided technical assistance to the Ministries of Education in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay; and it has advised numerous Latin American organizations, such as the Centro del Voluntariado del Uruguay (Volunteering Centre in Uruguay), Alianza ONG (NGO in the Dominican Republic), E-dúcate (a non-profit organization in Ecuador), Instituto Brasil Voluntário (Volunteering Institute in Brazil) and others.

Promotes and coordinates with Service-Learning Promotion Networks at national, regional and international levels

CLAYSS is part of the Talloires Network of Engaged Universities; besides, it is currently coordinating the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network, consisting of more than 90 organizations, universities and government agencies in Latin America, the United States and Spain.

How to collaborate?

You can be part of our “Collaborators Network” so that more educational institutions shall continue to develop service-learning experiences with their communities.

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